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"In addition to being a very professional company there is also a personal touch to guests, making you feel very welcome and secure that you are only a phone call away with advice and information."



Cleaning & LaundryHDJAwithvan2AlanandvanVehicles

We offer a full and comprehensive Cleaning and Laundry service to all our Managed Properties, whether rented to guests, for their holidays in the Algarve, or for the owners, themselves. Our cleaning staff are well-trained and highly professional and do their work to extremely high standards. We use only the best quality cleaning products and materials. We also provide a carpet, rug and curtain cleaning service, in addition to jet-washing of driveways and paths.

Inventory checks

Only have 3 wine-glasses for 6 people? Not good enough! We do regular checks on inventory items to make sure that your property in the Algarve always has enough of everything, to ensure owners and guests’ satisfaction at all times.

Property maintenance checks

At the end of each summer season, we do a full maintenance check of the property and all its fixtures and fittings. Any issues of concern are then attended to, after consultation with the owner, and the acquiring of the relevant quotations.

Painting and Decorating

Every few years, and in order to keep your property in the Algarve looking fresh, it is necessary to re-paint. We will obtain the necessary quotes and supervise all works, using competent local people and only the best quality materials, to ensure a lasting finish. We also attend to the sanding and varnishing of outdoor wooden furniture, whenever necessary, to preserve it’s good looks and ensure it’s lastability.

Fill my Fridge! Wine, beer and other essentials

Why wouldn’t you want to arrive at your property in the Algarve and find it fully stocked with everything you need to get you through the next day or three? Well, with us, all you need to do is send us an email before you leave home and tell us what you would like in your fridge or pantry, when you arrive, and we will make it happen. Unfortunately, though, you’ll have to pay the bill for the goods!

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